Posted on: September 5, 2009 9:47 am

All time favorites

I've been a sports fan for over 50 years.  In that time I've had the pleasure of listening to some of the Greatest Sports Broadcasters of all time.  You know, the ones that you would rather listen on the radio than T.V. or turn the volumn down on the T.V. and turn up the radio if they were broadcasting on the radio. 

I got to thinking about this after hearing some sad news about one of those Legends.  On September 4, news came out that Detroit Tiger Legendary Broadcaster Ernie Harwell has incurable cancer.  For 42 of his 55 years in the booth, Ernie was the voice of The Tigers.  Ernie was doing the T.V. broadcast during "The shot heard around the world game", and his last time in the booth was at the World Series back in 2007 making a guest appearence.  Ernie retired from full time Broadcasting in 2002.  We don't know how much longer Ernie will be with us, but I can honestly say that he will be missed by all true sports fans that had the pleasure of listening to him.  THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES ERNIE.

Here is a short list of those that I have hade the pleasure of growing up with and listening to:  Jim MaKay, "Wide World of Sports",  Van Patrick, "The OLD ANNOUNCER" and voice of Spartan Football, Lions Football, and The Armed Forces Game Of The Week".  Harry Carey, Vin Scully, Mel Allen.  Chris Econimackie, Auto Racing, Chris Shenkel, Pro Bowling with Bo Burton.

Like I said it's a short list.  Everybody has their favorites, be they local or national.  I know I didn't include Pat Summerall or John Madden on the list for obvious reasons. 

Who do you remember the most, and enjoyed listening to?  There are a lot of great broadcaster out there, locally and nationally so let's hear who they are and give them their proper dues.



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